Upcoming events

Check out a few of our upcoming events. We are half way sold out on both, so gather your girls or honey and get your tickets ASAP! -----> Click the big pink button to get more information and reserve your seat.

Booking A Private Party

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful 2014 and are excited about trying new things in 2015. Well, we'd love for you to book a party with us and start your new year off with a fun evening filled with laughter, great cocktails, and lasting memories. So gather your girls, pick a date and give us a call.

Its simple to do:

1. Email us: Date, Time, Location, & Number of Guests. 
No worries, if you need help finding a location...we've got you covered. 

2. After we confirm all your requests are available...Pay your deposit online. 

3. We'll put together you party contract and send over lots of fun art for you to choose from. 

4. Send your guests to our website to reserve their spot.

5. Wait with much anticipation for us to come and get your party started!

It's just that simple! Hope to hear from you soon! 

We've been busy!

Hi everyone! Hope you've been well. Sorry for the disappearing act, but we've been busy bee's. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook then you know the last 3 - 4 month have been jam packed with art parties. Hopefully, you were in attendance at one or more of them. If not, we encourage you to join in on the fun in 2015. Below are a few pictures from a few events over the last few months.